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"Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Sexify Your Offer Branding Template

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When it comes to revealing your offer branding, the TEASE is often just as important (if not more-so) than the branding itself. But how do you tease it? What do you do if you want to get the offer out and people buying it but don't have branding yet? 
Enter our "Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Template as part of the Lean on Me Collection in our Sexify Your Offer Branding Templates! You can use it as an overlay in Canva, save it out as a transparent png to add over anything in your stories, and even use it as a placeholder graphic while your branding is being created.


  • Main offer graphic sized Canva template with 16 variations/overlay options
  • The "peekaboo" overlay color is easy to change to whatever you want!
  • The COMING SOON text and optional title areas are all editable as well
  • Coordinating story slide sized Canva template (16 in total!)
  • Step-by-step video tutorials showing you how to quickly customize and make it your own in like 5 minutes!


  • Endless possibilities to make TONS of unique COMING SOON offer graphic sneak peeks and placeholder images from one template
  • Will leave you feeling empowered AF to create beautiful branding all on your own! 

PLEASE NOTE: The fonts and images in this pack are free to use (though you will require Canva Pro for some images, features, & design elements). No customization services are included.


  • No customization services are included
  • You must have Canva (free version is fine for this template)
  • Would you rather have us custom design a graphic for you? Click here!

    You will require Canva to use (free version is fine for this template)

    This is a digital product only (no physical product will ship)


    By purchasing this template (and any others from this shop), you are agreeing that you will not share, sell, or redistribute these templates in anyway (including adding them in my online course or program for your students to use) unless otherwise agreed upon or disclosed.

    Psst... If you are needing templates for your programs or courses, please reach out at or look into our affiliate program.

    By purchasing this template (and any others from this shop), you are also agreeing to only use the final saved product created ONLY (and NOT share a template link or any other links you receive) to promote your own business/products or for personal use ONLY.

    Cool? Cool!


    Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. If you run into any issues with your purchase, we are here to support you so please reach out to us at or use the chat bubble on the bottom right and we will assist you.


    If our FAQ on this page didn't answer your question, please reach out to use at and we will be happy to answer. We are a small team, so please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

    You can also click on the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner and we will be happy to answer and burning Qs you might have.

      "Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Sexify Your Offer Branding Template
      "Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Sexify Your Offer Branding Template
      "Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Sexify Your Offer Branding Template
      "Peekaboo Coming Soon Overlays" Sexify Your Offer Branding Template

      Imagine getting messages like this...

      "I don't even need the details because that graphic alone has me wanting the link!" 🤯🥳

      It Gets To Be This Easy

      • Choose Your Design

        Simply choose & purchase your favorite style (more designs always being added!) knowing you can easily customize whatever you like.

      • Watch Our Short Trainings

        Our videos are always short and sweet to show you how to fully customize and edit your template without the fluff... plus to help show you how many endless possibilities there are!

      • Access Your Template Files

        You will receive instant access to your links through the purchase confirmation page & your receipt (for Canva templates) or your login details (for Showit/Kajabi templates) upon purchase.

      • Make Your Customizations

        ALL of our templates are fully customizable by adding your own fonts, graphics, colors, & images. The combinations are only limited by your imagination... and we are here to help if that's not your thing!


      Can I edit everything in this kit?

      Yes! Everything in the kit is 100% customizable and very easy to edit using Canva. If you aren't sure how, we provide easy to follow training videos.

      Can I use the templates in client work or for students to access in my course or online program?

      No, our templates are for personal use only. You would need to purchase this template for every single client or student that intends to use it. 

      If you are interested in offering our templates in your course or online program long-term, please contact us to discuss the options we have for you to purchase these templates through an affiliate account and for a custom coupon code discounted for your students to access.

      Do I need a paid subscription to Canva in order to use this template?

      Yes… and no. Many of my branding kits and templates use fonts, elements and features only available with Canva Pro (for instance the ability to download a transparent png). The great news is you can always try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days.

      This will give you enough time to customize your template and download the images and elements you need if you do not want to pay for a subscription.

      How easy is it & how long does it take to make changes & customize this kit?

      It is very easy! Even if you have never used Canva before, if you follow the steps in the video (and access Canva's AWESOME training library if needed) you will be a pro at creating your own offer graphic in no time. The main training video is 20 minutes long, and after that, it should only take about 20-60 minutes depending on your level of skill using Canva. The more you do, the less time it will take.

      What if I am not exactly… a tech OR a design wizard?

      Not to worry! Being a design guru or computer pro is not a requirement to use these templates OR to use Canva. Basic computer skills and the ability to operate a web browser is all you need. We provide short, easy to follow training videos that walk you through editing all of the different elements and saving your files.

      That being said, we also offer a done-for-you option with our Hello Custom Offer Branding Graphic Kits. All you do is fill out a short questionnaire and we will create a scroll stopping graphic for you, send you a preview, make any tweaks/changes, then save everything out so it is ready to go. No Canva or design skills required.

      When do I get access to the template file and video tutorials?

      Once you purchase, you will receive access to your downloads & video trainings IMMEDIATELY (linked on the payment confirmation page). You will also receive the link in for your records in the receipt sent to your email.

      How long will I get access to my templates for?

      Forever! You will have lifetime access to your Canva templates and training videos. That being said, making sure to open each template file you receive so that you have a copy in Canva available to use whenever you want it is highly recommended. 

      Will this work for Photoshop or any other program?

      Nope. This template was designed for Canva so it is quick and easy for all to design, including those with little to NO Canva experience.

      Can I edit this template on a mobile device?

      Technically, yes. But if you are new to Canva you may want to practice on the Desktop first, as it will ALWAYS be easier to design there.

      We also do not guarantee your template won't look wonky when opening on a mobile device... sometimes that happens! This was created with desktop/laptop version of Canva in mind.

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