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Hello Organized CEO The "Misty" Slide Deck Template

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Say buh-by to boring, bland, SNOOZE-WORTHY slides with this sexy, fully loaded deck. Easy to change up to match your brand AND designed to mix-n-match... all while being both readable and an absolute eye-gasm to look at.

What your Canva template includes:
  • 102 different slides that are fully customizable including:
    • Covers/intro slides
    • Overview/roadmaps slides
    • About you/presenter slides
    • SO MANY content slides
    • Module/lesson covers
    • Quote slides/bold statements
    • Numbered steps/processes
    • Call to action/ what’s next slides
  • Easily customize colors, fonts, images, and design elements
  • Grab the matching Misty Brand Kit In-A-Box for FREE here
PLEASE NOTE: The fonts and images in this pack are free to use (though you will require Canva Pro for some images, features, & design elements). No customization services are included.

    You will require Canva Pro to access all fonts & design elements

    This is a digital product only (no physical product will ship)


    By purchasing this template (and any others from this shop), you are agreeing that you will not share, sell, or redistribute these templates in anyway (including adding them in my online course or program for your students to use) unless otherwise agreed upon or disclosed.

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    By purchasing this template (and any others from this shop), you are also agreeing to only use the final saved product created ONLY (and NOT share a template link or any other links you receive) to promote your own business/products or for personal use ONLY.

    Cool? Cool!


    Due to the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. If you run into any issues with your purchase, we are here to support you so please reach out to us at or use the chat bubble on the bottom right and we will assist you.


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      Hello Organized CEO The "Misty" Slide Deck Template
      Hello Organized CEO The "Misty" Slide Deck Template
      Hello Organized CEO The "Misty" Slide Deck Template
      Hello Organized CEO The "Misty" Slide Deck Template

      It Gets To Be This Easy

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      It's like you know exactly how to enhance client experience. You have a unique talent in knowing what ideal clients groups would drool over balanced with what WE as entrepreneurs desire as branding and experience for ourselves! I have spent thousands on branding. And you are a thousand times more talented.

      Jocelyne Pare

      Katie, I barely give you anything to work with and you always blow me away! It's like you know me better than I know myself which is why I will evolve and grow with you 😍

      Kait Santerre

      Katie! I cannot thank you enough! This is absolutely beautiful! I knew my offer graphic kit was going to be perfect and stunning, but I just could not have imagined THIS and the feelings it created for me!!! So beautiful!

      Stephanie Thomas

      You're just so phenomenal at this! I'm so grateful that I have you and you get me. And like even before I made the investment I was like "oh do I really need this, like I can just make my own logo..." and now I'm like oooh my god I could've never ever created anything close to this like not even 1% of this could I have done on my own. You just continue to blow all my expectations out of the water. 💯🙌🏻

      Kelsey Wonderlin

      Let's get real here… I just spent the last 4 hrs trying to figure out how to add a GIPHY in and personalize my landing page. Then you come to the rescue with this template & tutorial & boom - a perfect landing page in under 20 minutes. 😮

      I value my time at $200 an hour, meaning I just spent $800 on trying to figure it out and with a whole bundle for $197 you have saved me more hours I would have wasted trying to figure this out on YouTube and l've only used one template so far. Totally mind blown 🤯

      I'm done with trying to be a one man tech dept and saying hell yes to all your back end tools in my tool kit!

      Kelsey Bulmer